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Swissuplabs is proud to offer 46 Magento 2 extensions and 46 Magento 1 modules. All modules come with an appealing interface, both for your and for your customers. Our development is focused on making your store on track toward success. Ask yourself which ways you'll choose to bring your store usability to the highest level, to promote your website, to get higher search engine rankings and to become a top online marketplace. Get positive experience with Swiss Up Labs Magento extensions and get 44 sales-boosting business marketing ideas that go hand in hand with Magento development guidelines. Please also check our official Magento Fire Checkout site.
  1. M2 Breeze Blank theme

    M2 Breeze Blank theme

    Best free Magento 2 theme optimized for better page speed. Learn More

  2. M2 Breeze Evolution theme

    M2 Breeze Evolution theme

    The fastest free Magento 2 theme for multipurpose stores. RTL support. Tailwind 3.0 color palette. Includes lots of helpful features. Learn More

  3. M2 Breeze Magento 2 alternative JS frontend

    M2 Breeze Magento 2 alternative JS frontend

    Creates the alternative Js frontend for Magento 2. Easy implementation of the main Magento 2 pages and features. Learn More

  4. M2 Page Builder

    M2 Page Builder

    Сreating custom web pages in a few clicks. Simple, intuitive, fast. Learn More

  5. M2 Fire Checkout

    M2 Fire Checkout

    Advanced one step checkout solution for Magento 2. Comes with 4 layout types and 8 included Magento 2 modules. Responsive design. Learn More

  6. M2 Navigation Pro

    M2 Navigation Pro

    Improves the default Magento navigation via creating Mega menu, Amazon-menu and other custom menus with custom items and drop down content. Learn More

  7. M2 Ajax Layered Navigation

    M2 Ajax Layered Navigation

    Enables a Magento layered navigation block on product and search pages. Enables the adding of multiple filters to the same product attribute. Price slider is included. Learn More

  8. M2 Page Speed

    M2 Page Speed

    Module for Magento 2 speed optimization. Helps to improve speed via images optimization; HTML,CSS,Js minification; dns prefetch; adding expires headers; creating responsive images; WebP images support; HTTP/2 push server preload feature. Learn More

  9. M2 Abandoned Cart

    M2 Abandoned Cart

    Predefined cart abandoned templates. Flexible rules to create email reminders. Extended abandoned carts email history interface. Learn More

  10. M2 Full Page Cache Warmer

    M2 Full Page Cache Warmer

    Fully automated cache warming process. Crawler log and performance reports. Works with product, category and CMS pages. Learn More

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