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M2 SMTP Email

Version 0.4 Release notes

This extension is completely free to use. To install it please place free order on this module by clicking the download button and following the order process. After that please check the installation instructions given to you on the right side of the page. In case you want to download the manual package please log in to your account after placing the order and go to the ”Free products” menu. You can find installation and documentation instructions on our site. In case you have a problem or found a bug please open a ticket on our contacts page.

How to make sure your emails are delivered precisely to customers inbox and not to spam? How to use the best email providers around for email sending in Magento 2? To solve these and some other questions, you have to focus on Magento 2 Email solution.

The extension was developed for integration with popular email providers. By using the module you get a complete control of custom SMTP server settings for sending emails. Ultimately, that will help you to bridge the gap with a third party email providers and feel free to work with your favorite email service.

The Email module for Magento 2 will help you to:

  • Send emails over your custom SMTP service
  • Check the security of SMTP server
  • Get complete control of email settings
  • Make the emails approach users successfully
  • Prevent having your emails getting classified as spam
  • Make the email marketing campaigns perform better
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